Past Opinion, Edition 117 September 1, 2014
Edition 117-September 1, 2014
The origins of ISISL
Time to fight or perish at the hands of your own extremism
By Thomas Terrio

While the world appears in a state of shock over the sub-human brutality and medieval beliefs of ISISL militants in Iraq and Syria, those of us who have read about and studied radical jihadists post September 11, 2001, are not.The Koran, like the Bible, can be twisted and interpreted to justify almost any sick course of action based on the word of Almighty God such as beheadings or the severing of hands. But why would governments like Saudi Arabia and modern Islamists, if such a thing exists, practice these barbaric forms of punishment based on shari'a law in this the 21 St Century?

For example, in countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, a couple can be arrested for kissing in public, or beaten on the soles of the feet for possessing alcoholic beverages. As recent as 2011, several men and women have been beheaded in Saudi Arabia for practicing witchcraft. Yes absurd, but these are the origins of ISISL.

For decades, Muslim mosques and madrasas in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan have indoctrinated their young to hate the West, in particular the United States and Great Britain. It was simply a matter of time before this strict form of Wahhabism emigrated to the streets of Western cities such as London, Paris, and New York. In so-called ally countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Yemen, and Bahrain there are rich fundamentalist sheiks and mullahs rumoured to be funding ISISL, just as Saudi Arabia supports the radical fundamentalist madrasas in Pakistan and Afghanistan.


However, since ISISL has seized a major part of Iraq’s oil fields, they are now selling oil on the black market for less than US $50 per barrel, adding more than US $ 3 million per day to their treasury of terror; which includes an unknown amount of money guessed to be in the range of US $1 billion from major Iraqi banks pillaged along the way. This means ISISL, led by self-appointed Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, no longer needs outside funding to build his ghoulish interpretation of a new caliphate.

Whether ISISL militants came from the preaching of a radical Wahhabi mullah in London, Paris, Riyadh, or Peshawar, all radical jihadists are cut from the same slab of cold stone. They have nothing more in mind then to convert the world to Islam or kill anyone who does not convert to their morbid set of beliefs in an attempt to do so. The members of ISISL are nothing more than society’s misfits whose minds have been hijacked by religious psychopaths.

The jihadist brainwashers are so adept at their craft, they have managed to lure young men and women over the Internet from affluent lives in the West with the delusional promise of paradise. It is a sad thing to see how Western young people can be so weak minded and influenced by such a macabre belief system.

Now the only course of action is to destroy them, because the West and other peace loving people in the world will not survive unless ISISL and all those who have similar beliefs systems are destroyed along with them. The false God ISISL bases its beliefs on will spare no one at their hands. The recent beheadings of journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff proves this.

The brutality ISISL is exhibiting in Iraq is only the beginning; beheadings, mass murder, rape, kidnapping, and forced enslavement will become the norm in the region. The pompous princes in Saudi Arabia and well-to-do sheiks of Jordan, Qatar, and Kuwait are best forewarned: ISISL will soon be coming for your heads. In 1997, Usama bin Laden declared the Saudi royal family takfir, that is, no longer considered true Muslims and therefore could be killed.

In my view, countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan, and Bahrain have contributed to the establishment of ISISL and share responsibility for its actions, actions that include a hatred for apostasy and supposed godless infidels instilled by jihadist beliefs and fundamentalist teachings taught in the madrasas of those said countries, which now threatens their own existence.

It’s time to shed your blood in your own defence, rather than consistently call on Western powers to fund and defend your weak systems of government based on the Koran; after all, Western influence in the Arabian Peninsula since the end of World War II has been nothing less than an unwelcomed experience. In other words, time to fight or perish at the hands of your own homegrown extremism.

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